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What is the Latest Technology in Automotive Industry?

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If you work in the automotive business, chances are you've heard about some new technologies being introduced in the sector. Some of these technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine intelligence, Autonomous technologies, and 3D printing. What exactly is the new technology for automotive industry? Read on to find out! These are some of 2017's most exciting developments in the automotive industry.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things quickly became a hot topic because of the many ways it allows vehicles to communicate. From advanced hardware to apps integration, IoT applications are helping the automotive industry improve their product, improve engineering, and increase customer satisfaction. This data can be used to help automotive manufacturers better understand their customers, their driving habits, and to tailor their vehicles to their needs and provide more personalized services.

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Machine intelligence

Automakers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI), in an age of digitalization, to manage their inventory and keep track of their supply chains. AI can help automakers optimize their supply chain by closing the feedback loop, incorporating sales data into predictive models, and helping them close the feedback loop. AI can be used to help automakers quickly respond to real-world situations and transform reactive activities into a holistic process. These innovations are already helping automakers adapt to future crisis.

Autonomous technologies

The rising number of autonomous cars is expected to increase costs for the automotive industry. This has led to a significant increase in R&D expenses for developing these technologies, with one third more occurring in the USA, Asia and Europe respectively. This development will pose many challenges to the automotive industry, including product liability as well as safety. These issues must be addressed by the automotive industry while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and productivity. IEEE offers training on the principles of autonomous vehicles and their practical applications.

3D printing

As the world continues to evolve, automotive companies are looking for ways to integrate 3D printing as a new technology into their operations. From tools and spare parts to supply chain management and complete cars, 3D printing can improve the overall efficiency of an automotive manufacturer. Here are some of the ways 3D printing can help the automotive industry. Find the areas that it can be used. These are just a few of the examples.

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Fleet management

The fleet management industry will continue to change with the changing automotive industry. If you are not keeping up with the current trends, you might find yourself in a hurry to catch up. You can stay ahead of the game by keeping up with new innovations and developing strategies to improve your fleet's competitiveness. Here are some advantages of fleet management. This technology can help customers find useful locations. It also provides information on driver performance, including rest time and fuel consumption. Data gathered through this technology can be used by managers to plan routes, and help them deliver their goods on time. It allows managers to manage the stops and routes for each vehicle and monitors the goods inside the vehicle.

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What is the Latest Technology in Automotive Industry?