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Steve Jobs Movies are Definitely Worth Watching

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Steve Jobs movies are a must-see. The biopic will be directed by Aaron Sorkin, and John Ortiz will play Joel Pforzheimer. He was the man who helped to create Apple's early days. As you'd expect the film will include the creation of Apple's original Mac and NeXT Computers, along with the iMacs and iPhone. While it is unclear which one of the two will make the greatest Steve Jobs movie, the cast ought to deliver.


Michael Fassbender stars as Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. It follows Jobs' struggles dealing with personal issues involving his ex-girlfriend Lisa Brennan and ex-wife Chrisann Brennan. NeXT Inc. was also founded by Jobs. It is preparing to release a brand new computer model in 1988. After he returns to Apple Inc., he releases the iMac.


Katherine Boyer Waterston will make her Hollywood debut as the controversial Steve Jobs in the new movie, "Steve Jobs." The British-American actress is an emerging star in Hollywood. Waterston's career began in the British comedy Michael Clayton. She then moved on to supporting roles. Her breakthrough role was Inherent Vice. It was both a critical and commercial success. Here are some things you can expect from Waterston's character.

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Michael Stuhlbarg is said to be in negotiations to appear in the Steve Jobs movie. The biopic will be directed by Danny Boyle, written by Aaron Sorkin and follow the late Apple CEO through three high-profile product launches. In the past, Stuhlbarg has starred in a number of movies, including the critically acclaimed A Serious Man and the upcoming MEN IN BLACK 3.


Ashton Kutcher stars as Steve Jobs, the tech genius in this latest biopic by "The Social Network". The story tells the story of the man who in his parents' garage created the Apple 1. It would go on to become one the most successful computers ever. While Jobs is widely considered a visionary, his time with Apple was not without its difficulties. This movie will give you a glimpse into the life and times that Jobs lived, but it won't be for the faint of soul.

Film's storyarc

The Steve Jobs movie is a fascinating drama about the man who founded Apple in a garage. It's also a portrait about Steve Jobs's struggles from his ego to Apple's internal conflict to his relationship with Steve Wozniak. The movie, whether true or false, offers a glimpse into the life and times of one of today's most innovative men. This biopic is also fascinating for its portrayal of these characters.

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Accuracy in describing events

The Steve Jobs movie tells the story of the famous Apple CEO. It takes place over 16 years, at three product launches, and follows Jobs and his wife Lisa as they struggle to come up with the most innovative idea yet. However, the film does not accurately reflect the events of Apple's history. Critics have noted that actors were not given a copy the script to verify its accuracy. Instead, they were asked to read a scene of Sorkin’s Newsroom series.

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Steve Jobs Movies are Definitely Worth Watching