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The World's Most Weird Cars

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Kei cars are Japanese cars featuring creative designs. They meet very strict requirements regarding size, displacement, weight and weight to qualify for tax, parking benefits, and insurance. Mazda's AZ-1, which was first shown at the Tokyo Auto Show in 1989, is one example. This is a unique, youth-oriented vehicle with gull-wing doors and a turbocharged motor. The AZ-1 had 63 horsepower as well as 63 lb.ft.

Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla three-abreast car revolutionized MPV class. Although it remained virtually unchanged between 1998 and 2010, it was subject to a few restyles, including a dramatic facelift in 2004. This car was one the first practical MPVs. It had 3 front seats, and large windows around. However, when you say Fiat Multipla the first thing that comes to mind is "ugly". Its big, bulky frame, floppy windows, and oversized headlights gave the car a look of a rolling greenhouse.

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Ferrari 512S Modulo

The Ferrari 512S Modulo car was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 1970. It was a peculiarly shaped vehicle. Pininfarina collaborated with Paolo Martin to create the unique design. The car had a wooden frame and a canopy-styled roof that could slide forward to allow entry or exit. The car also featured Ferrari's 800 horsepower V12 engine. It could reach speeds of 242mph at the top and accelerate in just 3.1 seconds from 0-60.

Lamborghini LM002

A Lamborghini LM002 - a hulking offroader dating back to the 1980s. The original design was to replace Lamborghini Cheetah. This car was ultimately scrapped. The company built the LM002, adding luxury and a V12 to the front. In an effort to make it more competitive, Lamborghini created a special estate version of the LM002 for the Sultan of Brunei. Salvatore Diomante in Italy modified the estate edition.

Mercedes Benz 6X6

The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6X6 Mercedes Benz is a unique and extraordinary car. This model was very much anticipated when it was first introduced in 2013. This model was on the same market as the holy trio of hybrid hypercars. It represented the highest level of excess. Brabus-tuned versions of Mercedes G63 AMG Mercedes G63 AMG are even better. But is it really worth the price?

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Subaru SVX

Subaru SVX is a quirky car that uses glass in a surprising color scheme. The SVX's dashboard, which is covered with Alcantara, has door panels made of faux wood. It has a unique shifter lever and a solid-metal moonroof. The Subaru SVX, aside from its bizarre design, is a stunning look and a must see for Subaru enthusiasts.

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What is the top-ranked gaming console?

The Xbox One is the most powerful gaming console ever made. It combines the power of an Xbox with the simplicity and control of a TV remote. Kinect brings together the best features from all of our consoles in one easy-to use system.

Kinect makes it possible to play games no matter where you are. There is no need for a controller. Voice commands can be used to control your entertainment.

Xbox One allows you to do more of the things you love. Enjoy great games, amazing movies, music, browsing the internet, Skype friends, sharing photos and many other things.

Xbox One is the ultimate home entertainment platform. The new dashboard gives you everything you need. You can easily see what's coming up on your calendar, check out what's trending online, or just relax and enjoy your favorite shows.

Xbox One is made so anyone can get it and begin playing right away.

Can I play without being connected to the internet?

No! Many people think they need to connect to the Internet to play video games. However, this is not true. You only need to install the game once and then you can access it again without connecting to the internet.

This feature is called "AlwaysOn" mode. Once it's turned on, the game downloads all updates as soon as they become available. You don't need to worry about installing patches or updating.

Will I need a separate hard drive for the Xbox One?

You don’t need to have a separate hard-drive. Instead, you use the built-in hard drive as part of the system.


  • Estimates range from 505 million peak daily players[10]to over 1 billion total players.[11][12] The free-to-play mobile version accounts for 97% of players. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • Rural areas that are still 100% cable may continue to experience peak hour slowdowns, however. (highspeedinternet.com)
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How to avoid straining the eyes while playing videogames

Video Games are one of the most popular leisure activities today. Since the introduction of personal computers, the number of people who play videogames has increased dramatically. People spend hours every day playing video games. However, many people complain about eye strain caused by the prolonged use of video game devices such as computer monitors. This is especially true of children. We'll show you how to avoid straining your vision while playing videogames.

First, it is important to know that there are two types eye strains: permanent and temporary. Temporary vision strain occurs when you stare at something for too much time without blinking. It will usually disappear within a few moments. Permanent eye strain is caused by staring at something for too long. You can reduce the risk of getting permanent eye strain by taking breaks every 30 minutes. If you need to take a break from staring at your screen for longer periods of time, close your eyes and then open them again. If you feel tired, take a break. Your vision will blur. If you don’t take breaks, you may end up with permanently blurred vision.

These tips can help to keep your eyes from straining while you watch videos.

  • Choose a monitor that has a refresh rate greater than 60 Hz. Eye strain can be reduced by using a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz or 75 Hz. They provide faster updates and reduce flicker.
  • Reduce the font size used in the game. Large fonts can make it difficult to read and can cause eye strain.
  • Adjust the brightness. Lowering the brightness of the monitor can help reduce eye strain.
  • Turn off all lights that are not necessary in the area you're playing video games.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Eye strain can result from direct sunlight.
  • You should keep your distance from the monitor or TV. Too much distance from the TV or monitor makes it difficult for you to focus.
  • Play video games only during daylight hours. Video games played at night increase the risk of permanent eye strain.
  • You can use an anti-glare filter to cover the monitor. Anti-glare filters reduce reflections from the monitor and decrease eye strain.
  • When you're finished playing a video game, keep your eyes off the screen. Eye strain can occur when you stare at the screen for too much time.

These are some tips to help you avoid straining your eyes while playing videogames. These tips can help you to enjoy video games more.


The World's Most Weird Cars